Miata Reunion: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca 2019

Technical information for hot laps

Any Miata may take part in the lunchtime parade laps without any supplementary safety gear beyond what is required on the road. In other words, roll bars and helmets are not required for the parade laps. The parade laps will be restricted to Miatas.

The Technical Inspection process we use is designed to assist you in the self inspection process prior to an event, and to ensure that all vehicles that enter the track have no obvious problems or safety issues. The steps are as follows:

1. Drivers will ‘self inspect’ their vehicles prior to the event. Use this form or have a full vehicle safety inspection performed by a qualified vehicle repair facility.

2. Drivers confirm that the ‘self inspection’ has been conducted when they sign the event waiver and turn in the tech inspection form during check-in the morning of the event.
Tech Inspection Form - to be submitted at registration.

Note: Submitting a paper copy of the form is required at registration. There will be a separate station at the event for filling out Tech forms at event check-in for those who forget, with blank forms available for $1 each. It is highly recommended that you fill out your form prior to the event so the overall check-in process moves faster.


The purpose of the inspection is to serve as a guide to help the you verify that your Miata is in good operating condition and capable of safe operation at high speeds. This list covers the majority of the critical systems and components that should be inspected before and after your vehicle has been used at a track event. This list does not cover all components within your vehicle, so it’s ultimately your responsibility to determine that your Miata is capable of, and prepared for safe use on a track. The following list is a more detailed version of what is on the Tech Inspection Form.

Sound limits

Rollover protection

Vehicle body

Tires & Wheels



Axles and CV joints


Fuel system




Belts and hoses

Fluid levels


Seats and belts

Steering wheel

Interior rear view mirror

Clutch (if applicable)

Mounted devices

Items in vehicle




Paddock safety