Miata Reunion: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca 2019

Hot Laps

This is for anyone who wants to drive on the track during the hot laps. The cost is $250 per day for nearly two hours of track time. All drivers will get an event T-shirt as well. The final session is brought to you by Flyin' Miata.

Please make sure to register for the run group that legitimately matches your experience levels, both in track days and previous experience at Laguna Seca - we want everyone safe! We reserve the right to remove you from a group in the best interests of everyone's safety.
If you sign up for the wrong run group, it may not be possible to move you to another group later once they are sold out.
You can also sign up for the Saturday party when you register for hot laps.

Online registration has closed.


There's a $5 charge to be a participant at the event.
Participants are welcome to visit the track and roam throughout the paddock, all track viewing areas and vendor's area. They're also invited to ride as a passenger during the hot laps or drive during the parade laps.

The Saturday night party - with open bar and much bench racing - is sold out.

Online registration has closed.

Hot laps cancellation policy

In order to allow us to run the event smoothly, we have the following cancellation policy for the hot laps:
Cancellations more than 10 weeks before the event receive a full refund.
Cancellations between 10 weeks and 4 weeks before the event receive a 50% refund.
Cancellations 4 weeks or less before the event receive no refund.

You can sell your spot to another driver if you'd like. However, the new driver will likely have to run in the same group you signed up for if there are no other spots available. If this presents a safety issue (a novice in group B, for example), we reserve the right to deny track access.