Miata Reunion: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Hot laps

Please see our run group page for group descriptions. Please do not sign up for a faster run group if your desired ones are full, this is unsafe and may result in you being denied track time.

All groups will likely be sold out, making it difficult or impossible to move anyone from group to group at the event.
Prior to the event: You can find another driver to change spots with you, as long as that driver is qualified for your run group. You will need to contact us at miatasatmazdaraceway@gmail.com to make the necessary changes in the system.
At the event: Please see the administrators at Event Cental to make this official, don't just show up in the wrong group. Due to the high level of activity at the event, we may not be able to make changes to run groups in time for the next session.

It is your responsibility to accurately assess your experience level. If you signed up for a group that is beyond your experience level, the stewards may pull you from the group due to safety concerns. It is unlikely there will be room in a different group. There will be no refund in this case.

For the 1990-05 cars, we accept the popular Hard Dog Sport and Hard Core bars, Blackbird Fabwerx bars as well as many of the Boss Frog and Autopower options.
The 2006-15 is more difficult. The only bars on the market that are acceptable are the Blackbird Fabwerx bars, AWR bars with removable rear braces (the "Quick Change") or Petty bars, the Hard Dog Sport with a Petty bar or the Hard Dog Transformer bar. The PRHT version of the Hard Dog Sport bar is not tall enough to be acceptable.
2016 and later Miatas can use either the Hard Dog or Blackbird Fabwerx bars.
2006-18 cars in group E can use the factory rollover protection and do not require an aftermarket bar. PRHT and RF cars need to have the roof raised in this condition.
If you're unsure about your bar, please contact us ahead of time.

Because the car is safer that way. If you have trouble fitting your helmet under the roof, then your helmet is also taller than your roll protection and you might want to consider addressing that problem. We know it's more fun with the top down, sorry.

Yes, as long as that passenger has signed the track waiver. They will also need an approved helmet. E group drivers will not be allowed passengers until signed off by an instructor.

The event will not be providing helmets. Some sponsors may have helmets available if you want to go for a ride, and TrackMasters Racing will also have a limited number on hand.

We know there's a lot of Miata DNA in the "Fiata", but this is a Mazda sponsored event. Fiats are welcome to stop by, but they are not invited on to the track surface.

Yes. Miata-based kit cars and engine swaps are both welcome. What sets these apart from the Fiat is that they were, at some point, sold as Miatas.

Parade laps


We know there's a lot of Miata DNA in the "Fiata", but this is a Mazda sponsored event. Fiats are welcome to stop by, but they are not invited on to the track surface.

In keeping with the Miata-only theme of this event, only Miatas will be allowed to take part in the parade laps.

Registered participants are welcome to driver their Miatas in the Parade laps.

Yes, as long as they have signed the waiver.


Got Blue Milk is our official event photographer. They will be shooting track photos again this year, including during parade laps.
Got Blue Milk

Only photographers that have been approved by SCRAMP and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca will be allowed on the track side of the fence.

We are working on another idea for a photo to be taken during the Saturday parade laps. The best way to be in the photo is to participate in the parade laps.


Yes! These sites are likely to go fast, so we recommend you reserve them immediately. Please note that the event organizers are not involved in these reservations, so you'll have to deal directly with the park. Monterey County Parks - Laguna Seca Recreation Area camping

Sorry, no.

Unfortunately, they will be closed during the event.


Yes -- for insurance purposes you will need to register if you are planning on taking part in the parade laps or going for passenger rides on track during hot laps. This goes for passengers during parade laps as well. Please note that you would have to sign waivers whenever you enter the track or paddock in any case, so registering will give you a wristband that will let you in and out of the track without having to sign a waiver each time.

Cancellations more than 10 weeks before the event receive a full refund.
Cancellations between 10 weeks and 4 weeks before the event receive a 50% refund.
Cancellations 4 weeks or less before the event receive no refund.

Yes! You are welcome to transfer your registration to someone else.However, the new driver will need to be have the required experience to take your spot. If this change ends up presenting a safety issue (a novice in group B, for example), we reserve the right to deny track access.