Miata Reunion: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca 2019

Parade laps

Parade laps will take place at noon both Saturday and Sunday, free of charge and open to any Miata. Staging begins at 11:20 outside Turn 5.

Sorry, non-Miatas are not invited. Now's a good time to make a new friend!

There are no special safety regulations for parade laps other than what you'd expect on the street. Driver and passenger must be wearing their seatbelts and any obviously unsafe car will be asked to pull out of line.

Speeds will be much lower than in the hot laps, and will be controlled by pace cars. Our goal is to give everyone a chance to see the legendary Mazda Raceway from the track surface in a safe way, so please be considerate of others -- this is not a speed event!

Map showing parade lap staging (pdf)

Parade lap procedures

Parade laps are a privilege at our events, and one that we can only continue to offer if people cooperate by following our simple safety rules. Parade laps are just that – a reasonably paced parade of Miatas on track to be able to view the track itself and to take photos. These are not speed laps. Please be considerate of the safety of others and for our event.

  1. No passing. Anywhere.
  2. Max speed 40mph. Everywhere.
  3. Do not stop. More importantly do not slow down so you can speed up for a corner. This causes an unsafe “accordion effect” for everyone behind you. Maintaining a constant speed will make it more enjoyable for everyone, not just you. (See #2 above).
  4. As you enter the track you will be guided to the left or right side by our team members. Stay to your side while on track instead of following single file. This adds an extra margin of safety between you and the car in front of you while giving you a better view.